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Not all of the work we do is with startups. The project commissioned by Tavistock Relationships is a perfect example of how we can assist you and your business in the re-imaging of your image to ensure you are true to current objectives, in tune with your audience and evolving with the times.
With over 70 years of experience in the charity sector, Tavistock Relationships wanted to look at their brand and identity as a whole to consider how they were perceived by their audience. As with many companies this long standing, new offerings had emerged – this was an opportunity to distinguish these parts of the business with their own mini identity. As well as this they were creating a new online offering which needed its own mini site to reach new patrons.
We were asked to create a modern branding that facilitated all of these offerings under one umbrella brand. Through research and discovery sessions we decided to adopt the new name of ‘TR’ with an accompanying suite of service titles, clearly defined with their own colour palettes to ensure that their audience found their way to the resources they needed. With the branding complete we are now working on the new site which is set to be launched 2024, with the online events side of the business already live and online.


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“Will is an absolute pleasure to work with for a start. He engaged with my project wholeheartedly and it shows in the design and functionality of the website, I could not be happier with the end result. I recommend Will to anyone looking for a designer!”

Alice Waterfall

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