S+O Branding Design

An exercise in Branding & Identity for a freelance creative partnership

Upon leaving University, myself and a friend formed a collaboration taking on web design and development projects between us that would utilize both of our skill sets. Working alongside my collegue, I was responsible for the design of any web projects that we took on. This freed me up to focus primarily on front end web design, UI & UX, whilst my partner focused on the development side of things, be it wordpress, magento, ajax, jquery or anything else that was required. Working with a developer gave me my first introduction into web development where I learnt some of my fundamental web development skills, such as javascript, html & CSS. Naturally, we had to have a face to this partnership, and so the identity for Slegg + Oaten was created in 2009.

The branding took the form of a serif typeface, chosen as I wanted to focus in on the idea of collaboration. The different parts of the letters mean nothing when alone, but pulled together, this collaboration of elements form solid, clear and functional letters. This seemed relevant to the whole ethos for why we had formed this partnership in the first place.