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Mixed Logos created for different Brands & Identities

When people ask me what I most prefer doing in my job, the answer is almost always Branding & Identity. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting at my desk after reading through a brief with a blank piece of paper and a pen – and of course – my imagination. Being trusted by someone to either come up with a logo to represent their start up business or, to refresh an existing logo for companies looking to draw in new customers is a huge a privilege and one that I will never tire of.

But for those who mistake it as a simple exercise in doodling, good branding, done properly requires much more skill and vision than you might think. Whilst a good looking logo-mark is always at the core of the brief, the key to a successful branding is in the versatility, functionality and longevity of the logo. True branding requires the designer to consider how the logo will work on stationary, a coffee cup maybe, a shop sign, the side of a van, a 50ft billboard, a first class train seat cushion cover, stamped on a piece of metal, in black, in white, large, small – the possibilities can be endless. And how will that logo look in 50 years, will it still hold true in its market place or look dated and ugly? How will typography sit alongside it, and how will it work in different colours?

So while it may appear a simple task, it’s understanding a brands true potential that leads to some of the most successful, long lasting and most loved branding.