The Greek Olive Company
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The Greek Olive Company

Branding, Packaging Design & Web Design

The Greek Olive Company was a project that I worked on with my previous employer, Herring Bone Design.

I worked on the project during my time there, before I left to start Eat It Up Design. The project has been included as it was my first experience of developing a whole brand, – starting with the logo design, then moving onto the packaging, and then finally the eCommerce website design & build. I learnt a huge range of skills during the project and is one where I was really pleased with the outcome.

The identity needed to be modern and forward thinking, but retain a simplicity and clarity when seen on the packaging. This was a pivotal time for the business, as it was the first step from moving from being a small operation selling at local markets, to being a larger scale operation, selling both online and with major retailers.

We developed a logo mark that would work effectively  against different block colours, which were in turn used to represent the different flavours and varieties. This way the products would all sit together as a family on the shelf, but each have its own vibrant and punchy colours to set it apart from it’s siblings. The product itself has been really received and I still smile when I go into a shop and see them on the shelf.